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Branding Manager Surprises Boss with Custom Product Line as Birthday Gift

Djordje’s Gesture Reflects Gratitude and Creativity Amidst Career Challenges

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By BWMB Journal staff writer
March 26, 2024

If you are immersed in creativity, projects are not mere tasks; they’re expressions of your lifeblood. 

Djordje, the Miami Beach Mayor’s Office’s branding manager, epitomizes this ethos. Reflecting on his journey, Djordje recalls his transition to Miami Beach as stepping into paradise. Upon joining former Mayor Philip Levine’s staff, Djordje’s passion for meaningful projects benefiting his beloved city, Miami Beach, got more seam. 

“In 2014, City Hall had that old-fashioned feel, which was a discord to Miami Beach’s modern landmark status,” Djordje explains. We swiftly revamped the office, social media, and Commission Chamber. Veronica soon joined as a PIO. Successful projects like the MB Centennial Celebration, The US Conference of Mayors, General Obligation Bond, and many others ensued, fueled by our shared passion for Miami Beach residents.”

Amidst administration change, Djordje felt sidelined from creative projects. Feeling that only a few projects he worked on provided a true benefit to the city and its residents, he contemplated leaving the Office of the Mayor. However, a cryptic note from Veronica, “Nov 30,” last October hinted at transformative change ahead.

Driven by love for Miami Beach, Djordje persevered, hoping for visionary leadership. Fortune smiled as a new Mayor was elected, with Veronica as Chief of Staff, reigniting Djordje’s creativity.

Inspired by Meghan Markle’s product line, Djordje sought to merge gratitude with design brilliance.

In today’s consumer landscape, products speak volumes,” Djordje remarks. “I aimed to create something truly special for Veronica.” He joyfully crafted limited-edition custom products to celebrate Veronica’s role as Chief of Staff. The designs reflect Miami Beach’s vibe – colorful and playful, yet infused with inspirational messages, embodying the local style.

Djordje’s innovative birthday tribute to Veronica mirrors his thankfulness for the renewed opportunity to express his passion for creativity and branding. Djordje concludes, “Happy Birthday, Veronica – our bond is intertwined with gratitude and creativity in this earthly paradise we share as our home and workplace.”

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